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Welcome to the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Our mission is to educate Wisconsin citizens about Cannabis and advocate for the legalization of its production and use.

Meet the Wisconsin NORML Team

Alan Robinson
Executive Director / Board Chairman

Alan is a US NAVY veteran and sales professional turned advocate for cannabis reform. After struggling with alcohol addiction and finding a friend overdosed from prescription opioids, Alan used cannabis successfully as a cessation tool to help him stop drinking, and as a medication to treat his PTSD and anxiety.

As a pharmaceutical sales representative, he developed a deep knowledge of the dangers of both non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) and narcotic prescriptions. Alan educated doctors and their staff on the risks NSAIDS pose to patients and recognized care providers’ concerns about prescribing these medications.

Alan firmly believes that the pathway to legalization in Wisconsin will only occur by working with lawmakers and law enforcement. He has met with senators, assemblymen, the attorney general and district attorneys in an effort to change the conversation about cannabis. He hosted Cannabis Lobby Day at the state capital in 2019 where more than 40 meetings with legislators or legislative staff were held.

In the near future Alan is looking forward to many speaking events and is always accepting invitations to more. He will be addressing the NAACP Dane County Branch at the end of June and is also speaking at Harvest Fest in October to help inspire progressive cannabis policy reform.

Eric Marsch
Outreach and Development Director

Eric Marsch is a founding board member of Southeastern Wisconsin NORML (SE WI NORML) and has served as its Executive Director since 2015. Professionally, Eric worked for 9 years as a software engineer for companies such as GE Healthcare and the Weather Channel. He has since left the corporate software industry to devote himself full-time to the much more inspiring work of ending and undoing the injustices of cannabis prohibition, which he has experienced first-hand.

At SE WI NORML, Eric has organized canvasses, informational events, petition drives, lobby days, and the yearly March for Cannabis in the Milwaukee area. Eric’s work put cannabis referenda on the November 2018 ballot in multiple counties and got Governor Evers to commit to including medical cannabis in his budget proposal just a day after 800+ Wisconsinites used SE WI NORML’s website to send letters to the Governor asking him to do so.

As Wisconsin NORML’s Outreach and Development Director, Eric will be developing sub-chapters across Wisconsin to expand NORML’s reach beyond the broadly supportive enclaves of Milwaukee and Madison into legislative districts represented by resistive and opposing lawmakers. By building a vast network of activists and supporters across the state, Wisconsin NORML will have the grassroots infrastructure to win elections and pass cannabis law reform bills.

Rebecca Claeys, BSN, RN, CPC
Operations Director / Policy Advisor

Rebecca is a Registered Nurse with an extensive history in multiple aspects of the healthcare industry, including drafting and interpreting policy. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ and has been pursuing a Master of Science in Data Science through the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. She is also credentialed as a Certified Professional Coder with the American Association of Professional Coders and is a member in good standing with the American Nurses Association.

Rebecca is a strong proponent of evidence-based medicine. A sweeping body of peer-reviewed evidence shows that cannabis and cannabis-derived products are effective in the treatment of a broad range of disease processes. These treatments are frequently more effective than treatments currently on the market with fewer side effects. As a patient advocate with public service experience, Rebecca understands that reforming cannabis laws is critical to providing patients with the services they deserve without stigma or threat of intimidation or penalization.

Spencer Brooks Graham
Communications Director

Spencer Brooks Graham is the Communications Director of Wisconsin NORML. Spencer pursued a journalism degree at the University of Oklahoma with a focus in public relations. Spencer has worked in Restaurant Management for more than a decade, focusing on team building, customer relations, and marketing. Spencer has also been an amateur stand up comic since 2014. His experience building teams, as well as his knowledge of public relations, marketing, and general business administration will be a valuable asset to the cause.

Analise Pruni
Staff Writer

Analise is a writer with a B.A. in journalism and a M.A. in media studies. As a reporter of Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service, she covered policy matters, regularly attended Common Council meetings and conducted in-depth interviews to ascertain the inner-workings
of Milwaukee.

As a Wisconsinite of 17 years, she has watched the state fall further and further behind the curve with its refusal to embrace progressive cannabis policy reform. Denying the majority will of its residents from access to medical marijuana, alongside the egregiously clear racial
disparities of marijuana-related arrests that have permeated our social justice system simply cannot continue. She is committed to using her skills as a storyteller to bring people closer to the truth about the potential for cannabis policy reform and dispelling the stigma and
misinformation surrounding it.

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