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Our Mission

Is to educate Wisconsin citizens about Cannabis and advocate for the legalization of its production and use.

Our Goals


Cannabis should be legal and available in a similar manner as alcohol. Anyone 21+ should be able to purchase Cannabis and use it in a social setting. Anyone can brew their own beer and so anyone should be allowed to grow their own Cannabis. We support a healthy market for Cannabis that will provide a wide range of high quality options for reasonable prices.


    Legalization must be accompanied by expungement of all cannabis convictions. People should not have their lives negatively impacted by criminal penalties for a plant that has been legalized, and communities that have been most harmed by prohibition must be offered a place in the industry.

    Protect Patients

    Many think that medical Cannabis legalization is right around the corner, but we must be vigilant to ensure that a GOOD bill passes:

    • Patients (or their caregivers) must be allowed to grow their own Cannabis to ensure they can have low-cost access to which ever particular strains are most effective for them.
    • We must ensure a vibrant dispensary market with reasonable costs and numerous locations across the state to allow easy access for all patients.
    • Allow many methods of using cannabis – including smokable flower, extracts, edibles, etc.
    • It’s important that doctors be allowed to recommend cannabis for any condition they believe it will effectively treat.

    Cannabis users are everywhere in society. We are your neighbors, we are your teachers, your artists, your city workers, and your friends. We want to destigmatize cannabis users by showing that we are good, normal people by being active in the community. Community cookouts, cleanups, and information panels will help us break the stigmas around cannabis use.

    What we do


    We have met with sheriffs, district attorneys, county supervisors, and state lawmakers to educate them about cannabis and advocate steps that will move us forward with reform.

    By working with elected county representatives, Wisconsin NORML chapters played a large role in getting Cannabis referendums in 16 counties and 2 cities in 2018. We are continuing to lobby in Madison on a regular basis in support of medical and recreational Cannabis legalization and expungement of existing Cannabis convictions.


      We work to elect candidates who will reform Cannabis laws in Wisconsin. In 2018 we elected Tony Evers – the first Wisconsin governor to ever call for Cannabis legalization – and passed all 18 Cannabis referendums on the ballot!

      In 2020 and 2022, we will continue our electoral work so we can get Cannabis legalization passed within the next 5 years.


        Dispelling myths and keeping the public well-informed about Cannabis are important parts of increasing public support for Cannabis legalization and reforming laws.

        We educate the community about Cannabis through social media, paper handouts, and informational events.


          We are organizing volunteers around the state to take action to reform Wisconsin’s Cannabis laws by contacting their local representatives, collecting petition signatures, organizing events, and more.

          By harnessing the majority support for Cannabis legalization in Wisconsin, we intend to use people-power to elect pro-Cannabis lawmakers and demand action to end prohibition.

            “The most dangerous thing about marijuana in Wisconsin is that it’s illegal.”

            – Representative Melissa Sargent


            Percent of Adults Support Legalization

            New Jobs In A Single Year in Colorado


            Decrease in Opioid Dependence In Legal States

            BILLION Dollars In Economic Activity in Colorado

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